Mumbai: Vasai-Virar Gets Makeover, Paintings And Fountains On Way

Mumbai, 22nd December 2022: The ongoing city beautification project of Vasai-Virar will now include tree preservation, wall painting and building fountains. The municipality intends to enhance the beauty of Vasai-Virar through these civic initiatives. Projects to create a more attractive city are underway across the region.

The municipality has identified 56 garbage dumps in the city, where it plans to install water fountains and statues giving messages. It also plans to replace 56 thousand light bulbs with LED lights. In this, a ‘smart poll’ will be carried out. As part of the beautification project, aesthetically pleasing wall paintings and double sided Warli paintings are being created. The municipality has started an effort to keep the city beautiful and clean by removing unsightly graffiti. Commissioner Anil Kumar Pawar has appealed to the citizens to cooperate with the authorities.

As part of the cleanliness campaign, various places including bridges and roads in the city will now feature paintings. Vasaikars will be exposed to various art pieces showcasing Vasai’s culture, religious and tourist places and business alongside agriculture, village-life and social messages.

At the same time, Mira Bhayander city is also undergoing a rejuvenation. The municipality has taken the help of private organisations to beautify the city. It has started painting the main squares, roads and flyovers in the city. A tender of 1 crore 20 lakhs has been floated for that purpose.