Thane: Untreated Sewage Flows Into Ulhas River

Thane, 9th January 2023: The Ulhas river flowing near Ulhasnagar city meets a big canal near Mharal. It has come to light that large amounts of foamy wastewater are directly entering the river from this drain. On Sunday, foamy sewage with a chemical odour was flowing into the river.

Most cities in the Thane district source their water from the Ulhas river. But in the last few years, there has been an increase in the pollution of the Ulhas river. Before coming to Badlapur city, many streams join the river bed of Ulhas. In Badlapur city, similar drains carrying sewage meet the river. Sewage treatment plants here have stopped. At some distance from here, water is diverted towards the Jambhul water treatment plant. This water reaches the Ulhas river through the river from the Barvi dam. But the pollution of the Ulhas river does not stop here. The river also receives sewage from the villages along the river. At the entrance of Ulhasnagar city, the big drain of Mharal village meets the Ulhas river. There is still no success in controlling the water of this drain. However, it has come to light that a large amount of wastewater, including foamy wastewater, is mixed in the river from this drain. It turned out that the sewage was chemical. It was also found that this sewage was foamy while there was a lot of stench coming from it. This matter was brought to light by environmentalists striving for a pollution-free river. Shockingly, the drinking water for Ulhasnagar town along with Kalyan Dombivli is taken just a small distance away from this drain. Therefore, there is a fear that this sewage will affect the drinking water as well.