Two New Platforms To Be Introduced At LTT Mumbai In A Year

Mumbai, 8th December 2022: The capacity of mail-express trains departing from Lokmanya Tilak Terminus (LTT) will be increased within a year. The Central Railway has stated that two new platforms are being constructed at this terminus. After that, as soon as the new platform is built, some more trains of 24 coaches will be released from this terminus. Therefore, the load of departure of Mail-Express trains at CSMT will also be lightened.


A large number of mail-express trains depart from CSMT, Dadar. The same number of express trains arrive too. Special trains are also added during rush hours. Apart from this, 32 to 36 trains are coming and going from LTT every day. However, in the past few years, the number of mail-express trains leaving from CSMT, Dadar, and LTT stations of Central Railway is increasing as per the demand of passengers. Due to the lack of available space, these three stations are under stress, and the scheduling of long-distance trains of Central Railway is disturbed. Against this backdrop, LTT has decided to construct two new platforms for 24-coach express trains. In this, platforms, rails, and other technical works have also been undertaken.


At present, LTT has one to five platforms, and a 24-coach express departs and arrives from here. The availability of two new platforms will also increase the number of Mail-Express trains. Moreover, there are plans to divert some trains on CSMT to LTT. At present, the work on the new platform is going on and it will be completed by December 2023. After that, mail-express will be released from these two platforms as well, said A.K.Singh, Senior Public Relations Officer of Central Railway. He explained that the total cost of these platforms is Rs 20 crores.


Central Railway first extended LTT in 2003 due to an increase in express traffic through CSMT. After that, a new LTT station was also constructed in April 2013. Now, this terminus will be extended. Along with this, the work of expansion of platforms is also going on to increase the capacity of trains in CSMT. Platforms No. 10 and 11 in CSMT are for 13-coach trains only, while Platforms No. 12 and 13 are for 17-coach trains. Work is also going on to expand these four platforms for 24-coach express trains. Netravati, Matsyagandha, and Kamakhya Express are currently leaving Panvel as the construction of a new platform is going on in LTT. These trains will again be released from LTT after December 12.