Woman And Her Lover Kill Her Husband For Property

Mumbai, 3rd December 2022: Kajal Shah (46) and Hitesh Jain(45), her lover, were detained on Thursday for allegedly killing her husband Kamalkant Shah, a Santacruz (West) businessman in the clothing industry, with slow poison. According to the police, Kajal and Hitesh allegedly sought to take over Shah’s property, and she had enquired about her husband’s insurance policies with various companies.


The blood of the deceased, 46-year-old Kamalkant Shah, contained excessive levels of thallium and arsenic. He died on September 19 due to multiple organ failure. In addition, Sarla, the deceased’s mother, passed away on August 13 from the same symptoms.


The location where Kajal Shah and her lover Hitesh Jain purchased the lethal chemicals that they are accused of feeding to her husband Kamalkant has been discovered by the police. The chemical trader, a witness in the case, has provided a taped statement. According to sources, Kajal and Jain were called to the police station and questioned separately for close to ten hours before confessing to the crime. They were both detained on Thursday.


Shah’s post-mortem report led to the pair’s arrest, and further investigation revealed that they had planned to poison him with thallium and arsenic through food.


Shah began experiencing stomach pain and vomiting on August 24. He sought treatment from his primary care physician for the pain, but when it persisted, he was admitted to Criticare Hospital in Andheri. His mother had recently passed away after expressing a similar complaint of abdominal aches. Shah was brought to Bombay Hospital as his ailment persisted.


The quick organ failure Shah experienced startled the doctors. So they decided to check the amount of metal in his blood. According to the studies, the deceased had startlingly high amounts of thallium and arsenic. Doctors opined that Shah had been given the drugs orally.


Police discovered during their inquiry that Shah and Kajal did not get along. Kajal was detained after a further inquiry revealed a scheme she had started.


The two’s role in both cases is still under investigation by the police.