Massive Response For Firefighter Recruitment Process Seen In Mumbai

Mumbai, 16th January 2023: The stalled recruitment process in the Municipal Fire Brigade started on Friday, 13th January, and the process is getting massive responses from the candidates, with 70 to 100 candidates appearing for each seat.

The recruitment process has started for about 910 posts in the fire brigade. This recruitment, which will be conducted through direct service (walk-in selection) at Bhavdevi Maidan in Dahisar, will continue till 4th February. Although this recruitment process was not conducted on Sunday due to the holidays, the candidates gave a good response on Friday and Saturday.

On Friday, the recruitment process was conducted for the Special Backward Classes, and on Saturday, for the two categories of Nomadic Tribes (B). 622 candidates appeared for eight seats on the first day. So, on the second day, as many as 1,438 candidates appeared for 14 seats. Many of them were eliminated before the field test due to incorrect documents, age, and eligibility criteria, and some were eliminated in the field test. Some did not fit the height and weight criteria. So finally, 642 out of 1,438 candidates completed the test. On Friday, 283 out of 622 candidates completed their field test.

In the recruitment, the candidates will be subjected to field tests like running, high jump, shoulder running, climbing and descending. The documents of the candidates will also be verified. Further, after the medical examination, the selected candidates will be inducted into the service after six months of training as firefighters. This time there will be a field test of 120 marks and a certificate test of 80 marks.