Mumbai: Cancer Patients Will Get Healthcare Facilities Near Their Homes

Mumbai, 15th January 2023: Cancer patients often have to rush to Tata Hospital or private hospitals in Mumbai for treatment, where they often have to wait for long hours. As treatment in private hospitals is unaffordable, the condition of patients worsens. But henceforth, cancer patients will get treatment near home. Four doctors from Mumbai have come together to establish the Mumbai Onco Care Center through which cancer patients will be treated at their homes. So far, 16 centres have been started in Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh, and 18 centres will be started in the next few days.




Dr Ashish Joshi, Dr Vashishta Maniyar, Dr Pritam Kalaskar and Dr Kshitij Joshi, four oncologists, joined together to start this centre. The group of doctors also ensured that while providing this facility near the patients’ homes, it would be cheaper than private hospitals. That is why this centre has been started at 16 locations in 10 cities of Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh. Due to the response to this centre from cancer patients, now these four doctors, along with 15 other oncology doctors, have decided to start this centre in every corner of the country. Accordingly, in the next 18 months, 18 centres will be started in the western states of the country i.e. Gujarat, Rajasthan and Maharashtra. For this, Mumbai Onco Care Center recently entered into a cooperation agreement with Tata Capital. Almost 10 million USD has been collected from it. This fund will be used for the growth of this centre and to provide more and more affordable healthcare facilities to the patients. So that even ordinary patients can afford cancer treatment, the Director of Mumbai Onco Care Center, Dr Ashish Joshi, said.