Mother Throws Newborn Infant Out Of Toilet Window


Panvel, 15th January 2023: In Ulwe, a mother threw her newborn child outside a window after giving birth in a toilet. In this case, the police have registered a case of murder against the concerned unmarried mother. The infant was found lying in the parking lot of a meter box at midnight in Adinath Arpan building in Sector 21, Ulwe. Residents flocked to see what had fallen. Even when the police came, no one in the building was willing to tell.




Residents contacted the NRI police station late at night and reported finding a newborn baby in the Adinath Arpan building. A police team reached there. After taking the body of the injured infant to the municipal hospital in Vashi in an ambulance, the doctor said that the infant had died. After learning that the baby was born a few hours ago, the ARI police started searching the Adinath Arpan building. After examining the windows of the toilet at the place where the dead infant was found, it was found that the window in Flat No. 201 had no glass. After the police inquired about Yashwant Ade’s family living in the flat, they got information that there are three members of this family and two female relatives of Ade’s village living here.




After a thorough investigation, the police found out that a few hours ago, the 19-year-old girl living in Ade’s house had a stomach ache, so they had gone to get a rickshaw to take the girl to the doctor. When the concerned 19-year-old girl was taken to the Masaheb Meenatai Thackeray Hospital in Nerul for medical examination, it became clear that the girl had recently given birth to a baby.




The concerned young woman told the police officers that the baby was born from sexual intercourse with the uncle’s son. Despite being pregnant for the past eight months, she admitted that she hid the pregnancy from her relatives as her stomach was not visible. They also took the concerned young woman to the doctor as she was suffering from stomach pain.