Mumbai: Newborn Baby Dies Due To Carelessness Of Bogus Doctor

Mumbai, 19th December 2022: A newborn baby died in Govandi on Saturday due to the treatment given by a bogus doctor in an unofficially run hospital. In this regard, Shivaji Nagar police registered a case against the hospital and the bogus doctor. The police also arrested the doctor and the nurse.




The wife of Sohail Hussain, who lives in Nagpur, had come to her home in the Shivaji Nagar area of Govandi to give birth a few days ago. She was admitted to this private hospital for delivery on Saturday. She gave birth to a daughter. But shortly after birth, the girl’s condition worsened. So the doctor here advised admitting the girl to another hospital in the same area. After being taken to this hospital, the doctor said that her condition was critical and sent her to Rajawadi Hospital. But the newborn girl died before being admitted to Rajawadi Hospital.




Sohail was immediately rushed to the hospital. But the doctor ran away from the hospital. When Sohail inquired, he found that there was no record of this hospital anywhere. Also, it was revealed that the doctors treating at this place do not have any degree, and the hospital is being run unofficially. After that, Sohail lodged a complaint at Shivaji Nagar Police Station. The police filed a case against the hospital. Altaf Zakir Khan (22) and nurse Solia Raju Khan (28) were arrested. Altaf is pursuing medical education in Uttar Pradesh. The investigation revealed that Solia’s education was only up to the 10th standard.